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Without business protection, how safe is your business?

It’s often overlooked. But business protection is a hugely important part of your business success and succession. It’s designed to help your business continue if a business owner or key person dies or becomes seriously ill. Most small and medium-sized businesses rely on key people. Whether that’s an office manager with contacts and knowledge or a designer who knows your new product project, if you lose them it can destroy your business. Legal & General did research in 2011 that showed that 38% of business owners thought their business would fold within 18 months of the death or critical illness of a key person. 

People are the key to your business

When you think about protecting your company the first things that often come to mind are physical things – the premises, the stock, the vehicles. But losing a key person from your business can be the most damaging thing for a business. It can result in loss of profit, loss of confidence in suppliers and the marketplace, loss of knowledge of your systems and processes, loss of business contacts and even difficulties in meeting existing credit arrangements. 

What does Roxburgh know about business protection?

We have over 50 years’ experience of helping people plan for their futures. We believe that honesty, integrity and transparency stand us apart and allow us to plan for our long-term future, as well as yours. We’re independent advisors, which means that our options are unrestricted – we won’t just show you the products that make more money for us.

We’ve developed three protection options to help your business continue to prosper focused around:

Keyman insurance

This allows businesses to insure their key people against critical illness or death. It provides the necessary cash injection to the business to ensure that it continues trading. 

Shareholder protection

For limited companies, to protect when one of the owners becomes critically ill or dies. This helps protect against issues that can arise if the remaining owners do not have the funds to purchase the shares. This insurance provides funds to help purchase the deceased’s shares. 

Business loan protection

This protects businesses by helping pay any borrowings the company may have if the person covered by the policy dies or has a specified critical illness. It can help repay loans or commercial mortgages.

Get the protection your business needs

We’re independent advisors, which means that our options are unrestricted – we won’t just show you products that make more money for us (and our suppliers). So you get to see the whole picture, not just the bits which suit your advisors. Get in touch to see how we can help you protect your business.

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