Insurance Brokers

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for insurance in the business world. The butcher, the baker and the software engineer all have very different insurance needs, and tailoring an insurance package to suit an individual business is a demanding task.

At Roxburgh Group we’ve been involved in commercial insurance since we began business in the sixties, and over the years we’ve worked with clients in virtually every sector of industry and commerce. From heavy engineering - we’re based on Clydeside, after all - to retail, leisure, construction, the service industries and the professions, we’ve made friends and gained clients in most fields of business.

Our way of working is normally to assign an account executive with relevant experience in your sector. Then we’ll spend time getting to know your company and assessing your needs regarding buildings, vehicles, employer’s liability, professional indemnity, legal cover and other responsibilities. That way we can suggest a comprehensive and cost-effective package. We can also offer advice on risk management, giving you the opportunity to reduce exposure and save on premiums.

Member of BIBA.