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How we can help your investments

We have over 50 years’ experience of helping people invest and plan their financial futures. Our approach is based on honesty, integrity and transparency. We build relationships for the long-term and investment opportunities that are tailored to your financial needs.

We’re independent financial advisors, which means we look at all the products on the market, not just a restricted selection. So you get the whole picture and a wider range of investment opportunities.

How can ISAs help my investments?

An ISA is a tax-efficient investment wrapper that allows you to hold a range of investments, including cash, bonds, equities, property shares and multi-asset funds. This gives you more control over where your money is invested. The real attraction for ISAs is their favourable tax status. There is no restriction on when, or how much, money can be withdrawn (although certain investments may incur penalties on withdrawals, for example, a fixed-rate cash ISA).

How much can you save in an ISA?

For tax year 2017/18 you can invest up to £20,000 in ISAs. You can choose to invest in a cash ISA, a stocks & shares ISA, an innovative finance ISA, a Help to Buy ISA and your Lifetime ISA (£4000 annual limit on Lifetime ISAs).

An important point here is that you must invest by 5th April (the end of that tax year) for your investment to count in that year. Any unused allowance doesn’t roll over into the next year. So you need to use your annual allowance by April 5th or the opportunity is gone.

What each different ISA offers you

Cash ISAs: effectively a savings account where the interest earned is never taxed. Interest earned doesn’t count towards your personal savings allowance, so it can be a useful option to protect your money.

Stocks & shares ISAs: allows you to invest using your ISA, in funds, bonds and shares.

Innovative finance ISAs: cover everything from peer-to-peer lending to business lending, and from property to crowdfunding. This means any interest you get from lending money isn’t taxed.

Help to Buy ISAs: for first-time homebuyers only. Allows you to saver a deposit for a property and the state adds a contribution too.

Lifetime ISAs: you can save up to £4,000 a year into a LISA. The government adds 25% to whatever you save.

Other advantages offered by ISAs

They can be a useful complement to a pension to help with retirement income. This can be particularly helpful when it is desirable to draw down capital at a faster rate than permitted under pension regulations.

Our tailored approach to helping you

We get to know you and your financial aims so that we can make sure your portfolio is perfectly aligned with your objectives. We make sure you know how asset allocation and risk can affect your investment. And your portfolio can be reviewed and actively managed to compensate for changing circumstances.

With you for the long term

Today we work with many of the children and business successors of our original clients. Our long-term approach means that we help you plan your finances to make sure you can afford the life (and retirement) you want.

We can help you maximise your investment opportunities and take advantage of ISAs.

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